Lacrosse Services

Sports Extra has been a lacrosse specialty store since we opened our doors in the late 1980's. We stock lacrosse mesh, balls, equipment and apparel year round. In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Custom Stick Stringing -- Traditional & Mesh
  • Youth Starter Packages -- Helmets, Pads, Stick, Cleats, etc
  • Custom Equipment Outfitting -- All Sizes!
  • New & Used Equipment -- We Can Work With Any Budget 
  • Custom Stick Cutting -- Stick Length Tailored to Each Player
  • Team Discounts & Bulk Pricing -- Contact Us to Set Up "Team Deals"


Customize the perfect pocket at Sports Extra. Our team of stringing experts will tailor your lacrosse head to match your playing style. Choose your favorite colors from our various string assortments and sit down with a stringer to discuss all of your preferences. 

Turnaround Time: 1-2 business days. However, lacrosse heads can be strung while customers wait or the same day if the stringers are working when you come to the store. Your safest bet is to call ahead (301-657-1444) before you come if you need your lacrosse head back by a certain time. 

Stick Stringing Prices

Regular Stringing $39.99
Traditional or Girls Stringing $39.99
Goalie Stringing $39.99







What colors can I choose?

You can choose any color your heart desires and that we have in stock. We want your stick to be exactly what you want, so you can choose any variety of colors for your mesh, sidewall, and shooting strings. 

What type of mesh is best for me: Soft Mesh, Hard Mesh, Wax Mesh, or 6 Diamond Mesh?

 A lot of it depends on personal preference. However, we recommend soft mesh for those just starting to play the game. Also, if you are playing in college or you are playing in a league that uses NCAA rules, we highly recommend wax mesh. 

What's the difference between the "U" and the "across" shooting strings?

The U helps control the ball in the pocket while the shootings strings going across are there for speed. However, the U has been banned for any league that uses the NCAA rules.